Public Libraries

Public Libraries

Public libraries are places where anybody can go and learn about anything or just relax and enjoy a public space in peace. Learn what can be done to improve public library services while also improving the working environment for the librarians themselves.

Public Library Policy Examples

More coming soon, but here is an example of a public library policy: Collection-Development-Policy-BOARD-APPROVED-FINAL-6-08-2023

This policy makes an excellent example because there is a version of the same policy before any edits were made, demonstrating that all references to “American Library Association” and the “Library Bill of Rights” have been removed, something WLA highly recommends because inclusion of the word “age” in the aspirational creed is the means by which inappropriate material is made available to children in violation of common sense, community standards, and the law: Collection-Development-Policy-BOARD-APPROVED-DRAFT-3-27-2023 

Materials Selection Policy

More coming soon, but basically the law and common sense should apply.  The Right to Read Act law, however, that was just passed in Illinois and planned to spread nationwide, should not apply; I predict it will eventually be struck down on First Amendment grounds as it blocks parents from challenging certain materials.  Collections should be balanced and not tilted toward the latest political trend.  There may be information for library staff on how to beat the current library/publisher system.

Materials Challenge Policy

More coming soon, but basically, school superintendents should exercise the rights available under Board of Education v. Pico to immediately remove educationally unsuitable or pervasively vulgar books.  Any reviews of such materials may occur only after the materials have been removed.

Internet Usage Policy

More coming soon, but basically K-12 school and public libraries (perhaps not academic libraries) should filter out the material that attracts men to view material that causes them to go on to harass librarians.  The harassment of librarians is going to stop, and the effective use of filtering software will be the leading means to end the harassment.  Similarly, children will stop seeing such content in schools.

Public Meeting Room Policy

More coming soon, but basically public meetings rooms should have policies in place that are politically neutral and that address only time, place, and manner of the meetings.  There will be no predetermination of whether anyone meets any definition of “hate group” as that only defies political neutrality.





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