Thank you SO much for caring enough about our children to create this new World Library Association!  Well done!  The average person does not realize what is in children’s books these days nor do they realize that books for “Young Adults” actually means they are for 12 year old children.  The [other association] pushes vile content out then awards that content, which results in that material staying on the shelf even longer.  Thank you for giving folks another option!  I look forward to seeing you grow and prosper.

They Love Us!

WLA is getting rave reviews from librarians, library commissioners, library patrons, lawyers, graphic artists, and people who are so relieved to finally see an alternative library association. They want to help it grow!  You can too!

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They love us!

I am a public librarian in a very ‘liberal’ library system.  My library system censors all books that are conservative and that are considered ‘anti-science’ (aka: any books that do not support big pharma and that are critical of the vaccine industry or books that do not support the notion of ‘climate change’).  I would love to have a balanced collection in my library system, but it is impossible since all conservative and non government approved ‘science’ is not ordered, even when members of the public (and I, a manager librarian) request that such titles be purchased.  I feel that all we offer at this point is left wing government propaganda.  And obviously, the [other library association’s] push against ‘censorship’ is such an insulting sham, given that it censors all that I mentioned above but supports books that push the s[]xualization and the transgenderification of young children.

Thank you.

Glad to see some pushback to [the other library association] from a small town library aide.

Hi, very excited about your new venture!  I’m a parent of high school and college students and work full time.  What can I do to help?


I am so appreciative of your efforts and would like to donate.

I have been an elementary librarian for over 20 years and am appalled with what I’m seeing now.  The ALA has an agenda and is avidly pushing this across all state and local levels.  Recently, our Superintendent of Education cut all ties with our local library group because of its ALA advocacy toolkit listed on the website and the local group labeling parents questioning age-appropriate books as “bans, censorship, or a violation of educators’ intellectual freedom, [resulting] in a more hostile environment which does not serve the needs of students.”  Many librarians are so caught up in the intellectual freedom fight that they have lost all common sense.  Thank you for starting this organization and I look forward to watching it grow!

Read an article about what you are doing and I am overjoyed.  I am an elementary librarian with 25 years in public school.  Praying for your success.  I would love to help.

I’m interested in partnering with you to help balance the youth library offerings in the [public] library. Some books should, perhaps, be moved out of the “youth” section, but I’m also interested in equal representation of worldviews.  I’d really love to speak w/ someone.  Thank you.

Hello.  I just read about your organization via a Daily Caller report.  I am retired librarian who dropped my memberships with both the [state] and [the other library association] due to my disagreement with various policies.  I was a school librarian for most of my career.  I just wanted to let you know how excited I am to see a new alternative!  I wish you well in this endeavor.

Do you guys have a way for folks to join as members?  I am a retired educator who has been helping lead local efforts to review our school district’s library holdings.  We will be watching your website closely for any guidance.

Thank you so much for your efforts.

Are you creating a Library Association that professional librarians can join?  I think it is important to have that safe space and development necessary to maintain the profession.

I am a former school and district librarian and high school principal.  … Having worked directly with the Dept. of Education, I am extremely concerned about what is happening in schools and in school libraries.  I would be thrilled to do what I can to support your organization … whether that is simply through membership or something more.  Please let me know how I can help.

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